Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying is frequently mentioned in the news especially when it has had a dire consequence. It is apparently rife in secondary schools where some students use social media to present the self to the world that they feel is desirable but also use it to “get at” others who have wronged them in some way. These teenagers do not think too far ahead  The concept of  psychological hurt has not yet been learned.

Steve Wheeler (Learning with ‘e’s) suggests that a  successful way to ensure better and safer use (of digital media) is to apply social intervention ie parents talking more with their children about their use of technology.

Technological elegance

Young children using ipads also need to learn about keeping themselves safe.Glubbler is a free Firefox application that allows children to navigate sites and games preapproved by their parents or guardians. Apparently it works really well to stop children going to non approved sites.

Childnet International has some great apps for teaching children to be safe too.

With the government thinking of adding digital fluency to the curriculum, it needs to be remembered that digital literacy, pedagogy, fluency, call it what you will, must go hand in hand with cyber safety, digital citizenship and digital etiquette.

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